Wireless Broadband Solutions


Building owners, offices and managers need high-speed Internet access to make their properties desirable in a highly competitive real estate marketplace. For businesses, access to high-speed Internet services is a critical selection criterion when choosing commercial office space. High-speed Internet service is also important to prospective residential tenants when evaluating a place to live.

Whether attracting new tenants or retaining existing ones, high-speed Internet access gives building owners and managers valuable negotiating power in today’s real estate climate. Bringing high-speed Internet access to one or more buildings within a real estate portfolio can be an expensive and complicated task, especially if relying solely on telephone company facilities and service.

Go wireless with URC Systems and realize the full benefits of broadband wireless networks.

High-speed wireless building-to-building networks are perfect for property owners of multi-tenant or multi-dwelling buildings that need to extend broadband Internet access from a single location to one or more additional sites. Broadband wireless links are especially ideal for connecting older buildings that have not been pre-wired with fiber or don’t have the physical space needed to accommodate wire line infrastructure.

Relatively Inexpensive Installation, No More Line Charges
With broadband wireless connectivity, buildings can be linked quickly and inexpensively because there are no wires involved. There are also no costly telephone company monthly line charges to pay or telephone company service delays to endure. As well, wireless links take up minimal physical space, because the equipment is located on the roof rather than that building’s communication room.

Turn-Key Wireless Network Solution
URC Wireless and its channel partners provide everything required to set up, use and manage a wireless building-to-building network. URC will assist in integrating broadband wireless access equipment with existing network gear, a process that takes only a matter of hours.

Fast, Reliable Bandwidth
URC’s advanced wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions are ideal for multiple building real estate portfolios because they are fast and reliable and provide the most bandwidth for your investment. Proprietary URC technology minimizes interference and ensures constant service over distance through increased data rates and enhanced reliability.

Sample Application
A commercial real estate company that owns and manages a portfolio of several multi-tenant office buildings in a suburban area

The company needed to equip two recently acquired buildings in its property portfolio with broadband Internet access to make these locations more desirable for existing and prospective tenants. The two buildings are older and have not been pre-wired with fibre. To do this, the company set up a point-to-multipoint broadband wireless network using URC’s recommended wireless equipment. The wireless network extended the company’s broadband communications infrastructure, including its high-speed Internet connection, from a single location to the pair of new buildings.

Benefits of Going Broadband Wireless:
  • The company’s new buildings were equipped provide with broadband Internet access quickly because there was no need or time consuming and expensive wire line installations or telephone company service delays
  • The company saved enough in installation and monthly usage fees to promptly payback the entire network setup costs
  • he company is able to offer tenants service that supports bandwidth-intensive applications because the wireless link provides data throughput rates several times faster than those offered by wire line alternatives
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