Uninterruptible Power Supplies not only ensure power protection for your business operations but they also ensure the quality of the power you get. UPS systems will protect your equipment from the dangers of power spikes, surges, lightning strikes and harmonic distortion. UPS Power Solutions are of benefit to all companies regardless of their size and turnover.

Power protection and uninterruptible power is of benefit to all companies regardless of their size. It is no longer sufficient for only the large multi-nationals to be protected. The cost of a power loss or damage to equipment is too great a risk to ignore. All companies purchase insurance to cover themselves against unknown eventualities but companies are certain to be affected by power cuts at some point.

UP Power Solutions - Line Interactive UPS
It is true that there is always at least a one-year’s manufacturer’s warranty with new uninterruptible power supply systems, which one would expect to offer protection in the event of any failure. However, although the manufacturer will guarantee their equipment against failure, there is no guarantee as to the response time and how quickly the fault will be repaired. At best it might be next day (during working hours only). URC SYSTEMS LD can carry out all servicing, maintenance and repair works and attend site within 4 hours ensuring your power protection is back up and running within the smallest of timescales.

UP Power Solutions - True Online UPS
A UPS which not only contains batteries but also an inverter/charger and rectifier to accept the AC incoming supply and then convert it to DC and then back to AC. This ensures seamless, spike free ‘clean’ power for your critical equipment. A major power surge or spike will not go through the UPS because the outgoing AC is 'manufactured' within UPS. See below for further details on how they work.

Off-Grid House with No Utility Power (Only Solar and Generator)

Pure sinewave output, high peak power and high efficiency. Combined high frequency and line frequency technologies ensure the best of both worlds.

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