Ultimate Royal Communication Systems Ltd (URC) is an IT company founded some fifteen years ago, to provide reliable communication solutions to firms, businesses, educational institutions, residential and hospitality industries.

With years of proven track record in the IT industry, URC specializes in the design and re-design of voice and data networks both LAN, WLAN & WAN installation and support of networks. We also provide complete power solutions to support these networks. We in partnership with UTIBA, provide value added services to mobile telecom networks. In addition, we are Ruckus, mikrotic and Cisco network resellers and use this to deploy all these networks at relatively cheaper costs compared to our competitors.

We also provide a total voice & data solutions on a single platform through the shrewd deployment of technologies that integrate Switch, Router, PABX and WiFi access points. The result is a seamless converged network that meets all your communications (data, voice, video conferencing) requirements in a very cost effective manner. In addition you will be able to document, analyze & control the voice and Data traffic of your organization.


Our mission is to solve real business communication problems. To accomplish this goal, we provide quality, easy-to-use client friendly solutions at comparatively cost effective rates, using the (best materials nonetheless). We are committed to exceeding client's expectations with extraordinary service and exceptional technical support to ensure client satisfaction. As a result, URC has built a loyal clientele base over the last few years.


URC thrives to maintain the same quality service by constantly guaranteeing exceptional client satisfaction. This has always been the driving force behind our success story.

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